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What is the most likely meaning of the phrase "uncomfortably on all fours yet unheeding his discomfort" in the passage below?

Jack was bent double. He was down like a sprinter, his nose only a few inches from the humid earth. The tree trunks and the creepers that festooned them lost themselves in a green dusk thirty feet above him, and all about was the undergrowth. There was only the faintest indication of a trail here; a cracked twig and what might be the impression of one side of a hoof. He lowered his chin and stared at the traces as though he would force them to speak to him. Then dog-like, uncomfortably on all fours yet unheeding his discomfort, he stole forward five yards and stopped.


It reveals that Jack is so focused on tracking that he is unaware of his own pain.


It shows readers that Jack has become more animal than human.


It illustrates the incredible power the beast holds over Jack as he is beginning to look and act like him.


It implies that Jack is incredibly athletic and capable of superhuman feats in the jungle.


It suggests that while Jack wants to be a savage hunter, he has not yet fully made that transition.

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