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Which of the following quotations most clearly shows Ralph trying to assert his chieftanship and keep Jack in check?


"Ralph sighed, sensing the rising antagonism, understanding that this was how Jack felt as soon as he ceased to lead.
'I was thinking of the light. We'll be stumbling about.'
'We were going to look for the beast.'
'There won't be enough light.'"


"Now it was Ralph's turn to flush but he spoke despairingly, out of the new understanding that Piggy had given him.
'Why do you hate me?'
The boys stirred uneasily, as though something indecent had been said. The silence lengthened."


"The pig-track was a dark tunnel, for the sun was sliding quickly toward the edge of the world and in the forest shadows were never far to seek. The track was broad and beaten and they ran along at a swift trot. Then the roof of leaves broke up and they halted, breathing quickly, looking at the few stars that pricked round the head of the mountain."


"Ralph, still hot and hurt, turned away first.
'Come on.'
He led the way and set himself as by right to hack at the tangles. Jack brought up the rear, displaced and brooding."


"'All right. Who wants to climb the mountain now?' Silence was the only answer.
'Samneric? What about you?'
'We ought to go and tell Piggy-'
'-yes, tell Piggy that-'
'But Simon went!'
'We ought to tell Piggy - in case -'
'Robert? Bill?'
They were going straight back to the platform now. Not, of course, that they were afraid, but tired."

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