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What does the exchange that follows reveal about each character?

"'I mean it,' whispered Piggy. 'If we don't get home soon we'll be barmy.'...
'You write a letter to your auntie.'
Piggy considered this solemnly.
'I don't know where she is now. And I haven't got an envelope and a stamp. An - there isn't a mailbox. Or a postman.'"


It suggests that Ralph's experiences on the island have made him bitter and cynical, while Piggy retains his undying sense of optimism.


It reveals that neither Ralph nor Piggy really understands the severity of their situation, nor are they able to comprehend just how far removed from civilization they are.


It shows that Ralph, in spite of all that he's been through, still has a sense of humor, and that Piggy remains as logical and literal as ever.


It reveals that Ralph is growing more sensitive to Piggy's feelings surrounding his parents, and that Piggy has grown to respect Ralph more because of it.


It highlights the difference between Ralph's logical thinking and Piggy's wishful, overly optimistic view of life.

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