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"'But there isn't a snake!'
'We'll make sure when we go hunting.'
Ralph was annoyed and, for the moment, defeated. He felt himself facing something ungraspable. The eyes that looked so intently at him were without humor.
'But there isn't a beast!'
Something he had not known was there rose in him and compelled him to make the point, loudly and again.
'But I tell you there isn't a beast!'"

Which of the following offers the best explanation of the significance of the use of repetition in the passage above?


It highlights Piggy's insistence on relying solely on logic and rational thinking to make sense of the world and solve problems.


It illustrates that Ralph is quickly losing his temper, and thus is beginning already to lose his grip on civilization.


It shows Jack's flashes of anger and how they appears so easily in response to even minor opposition to his ideas and his worldview.


It represents Ralph's firm belief in the logical, orderly world he came from, a belief so deep that it drives him to insist, over and over again, that others see it his way.


It makes it clear that Ralph possesses all the strength of conviction needed to be a powerful and successful leader, and foreshadows his future role within the tribe.

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