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Which of the following is the best explanation of why Golding repeatedly describes Piggy's "expression of pain and concentration" and his subsequent dashes into the forest all throughout chapter 1?


He wants to characterize Piggy as being physically weak, so he shows him unable to control even this most basic of bodily functions by showing him run to the forest to deal with diarrhea over and over again.


He wants to prove that his two names - "the fat boy" and "Piggy" - are both appropriate by suggesting that Piggy, unlike Ralph, landed on the island and immediately began eating fruit to the point that he made himself sick.


He wants to show that Piggy is socially inept and unable to hold a conversation with Ralph (or anyone else), so he has Piggy awkwardly run off several times and just as awkwardly attempt to restart the conversation.


B & C


A, B & C

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