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"The bright morning was full of threats and the circle began to change. It faced out, rather than in, and the spears of sharpened wood were like a fence."

Which of the following offers the most accurate and complete explanation of the significance of the quotation above?


It highlights the powerful effect that the transition from day to night has on the boys through its focus on light and time of day.


It reveals the rising tension and anger between members of the group through their decision to come to the meeting armed.


It shows that the boys are beginning to understand that the beast is, in fact, an internal rather than external threat, as shown through their shift in defensive posture.


It makes clear just how easily distracted the boys are, even in the face of grave danger, through their inability to focus inwards, where the real threat lies.


It shows the boys' fear of an actual beast, and how this causes them to band together, through the shift in the direction and purpose of their spears.

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