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Which of the following quotations best shows the resolution of the conflict between Ralph and Jack at this emergency assembly?


"'I said before, the fire is the main thing. Now the fire must be out'
The old exasperation saved him and gave him the energy to attack. 'Hasn't anyone got any sense? We've got to relight that fire. You never thought of that, Jack, did you? Or don't any of you want to be rescued?'"


"'Conch! Conch!' shouted Jack. 'We don't need the conch any more. We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking, or Bill, or Walter? It's time some people knew they've got to keep quiet and leave deciding things to the rest of us.' Ralph could no longer ignore his speech. The blood was hot in his cheeks.
'You haven't got the conch,' he said. 'Sit down.'"


"'And another thing. You can't have an ordinary hunt because the beast doesn't leave tracks. If it did you'd have seen them. For all we know, the beast may swing through the trees like what's its name.'
They nodded."


"Jack's face went so white that the freckles showed as clear, brown flecks. He licked his lips and remained standing.

'This is a hunter's job.' The rest of the boys watched intently. Piggy, finding himself uncomfortably embroiled, slid the conch to Ralph's knees and sat down. The silence grew oppressive and Piggy held his breath."


"'Stay here? And be cramped into this bit of the island, always on the lookout? How should we get our food? And what about the fire?' 'Let's be moving,' said Jack relentlessly, 'we're wasting time.'"

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