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Which of the following quotations best illustrates the absolute end of any civilizing influences on the island?


"'I say! You voted for me for chief. Didn't you hear the conch? You played a dirty trick -we'd have given you fire if you'd asked for it-'
The blood was flowing in his cheeks and the bunged-up eye throbbed.
'You could have had fire whenever you wanted. But you didn't. You came sneaking up like a thief and stole Piggy's glasses!'"


"Jack wrenched free and swung at Ralph with his spear. By common consent they were using the spears as sabers now, no longer daring the lethal points. The blow struck Ralph's spear and slid down, to fall agonizingly on his fingers. Then they were apart once more, their positions reversed, Jack toward the Castle Rock and Ralph on the outside toward the island."


"He pointed past them to where the trickle of smoke dispersed in the pearly air.
'Look at that! Call that a signal fire? That's a cooking fire. Now you'll eat and there'll be no smoke. Don't you understand? There may be a ship out there'"


"The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist. Piggy, saying nothing, with no time for even a grunt, traveled through the air sideways from the rock, turning over as he went.... Piggy fell forty feet and landed on his back across the square red rock in the sea... Then the sea breathed again in a long, slow sigh, the water boiled white and pink over the rock; and when it went, sucking back again, the body of Piggy was gone."


"Jack, knowing this was the crisis, charged too. They met with a jolt and bounced apart. Jack swung with his fist at Ralph and caught him on the ear. Ralph hit Jack in the stomach and made him grunt. Then they were facing each other again, panting and furious, but unnerved by each other's ferocity. They became aware of the noise that was the background to this fight, the steady shrill cheering of the tribe behind them."

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