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In the passage below, what does the repeated and unfinished phrase "go near" refer to?

'We can build it just here between the bathing pool and the platform. Of course...'
He broke off, frowning, thinking the thing out, unconsciously tugging at the stub of a nail with his teeth.
'Of course the smoke won't show so much, not be seen so far away. But we needn't go near, near the...'
The others nodded in perfect comprehension. There would be no need to go near.


Castle Rock, the new hideout Jack retreated to after leaving the meeting.


The jungle, where every shadow might be the beast waiting to grab them.


The top of the mountain, where the beast sits by the ashes of the fire.


The shelters, which have become more frightening as the nightmmares worsen.


The far side of the island, where the vast ocean seems to crush hopes of rescue.

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