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Which character is described as "the only boy on the island whose hair never seemed to grow" and why might this detail be significant?


Ralph: he is the "fair-haired boy", the one first known by his hair, so it makes sense that this important physical characteristic would remain unchanged.


Ralph: his hair has been associated with his status as leader of the tribe of boys and, as this position remains unchanged, so does his hair.


Piggy: even after an extended time on the island, he remains fixated on rules, order, and logic ; his hair thus remains in a civilized state - the way it was cut before the island.


Piggy: his hair is a representation of his lack of physical ability; his asthma and weight aren't enough - even his hair can't seem to function properly.


Simon: the fact that Simon's hair doesn't grow is a reminder to readers of his loner status and all of the ways he is so different from the other boys on the island.

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