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Which of the following quotations most clearly illustrates Ralph's understanding that all people are inherently evil and that realizing this means he can never be a child again?


"And in the middle of them, with filthy body, matted hair, and unwiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy."


"'All this I meant to say. Now I've said it. You voted me for chief. Now you do what I say.'
They quieted, slowly, and at last were seated again. Ralph dropped down and spoke in his ordinary voice."


"The tears began to flow and sobs shook him. He gave himself up to them now for the first time on the island; great, shuddering spasms of grief that seemed to wrench his whole body. His voice rose under the black smoke before the burning wreckage of the island; and infected by that emotion, the other little boys began to shake and sob too."


"I mean - what makes things break up like they do?'
Piggy rubbed his glasses slowly and thought [...].
'I dunno, Ralph. I expect it's him.'
'Jack.' A taboo was evolving round that word too. Ralph nodded solemnly.
'Yes,' he said, 'I suppose it must be.'"


"He tried to remember.
'Smoke,' he said, 'we want smoke.'...
There was silence, except for the multitudinous murmur of the bees. At last Piggy spoke, kindly.
' 'Course we have. 'Cos the smoke's a signal and we can't be rescued if we don't have smoke.'"

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