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Which of the following is the most plausible explanation for why Golding opens chapter four with the quotation below?

The first rhythm that they became used to was the slow swing from dawn to quick dusk. They accepted the pleasures of morning, the bright sun, the whelming sea and sweet air, as a time when play was good and life so full that hope was not necessary and therefore forgotten.

Toward noon, the stark colors of the morning were smothered in pearl and opalescence; and the heat - as though the impending sun's height gave it momentum - became a blow that they ducked, running to the shade and lying there, perhaps even sleeping.


This passage serves primarily to describe the island to readers so that they can visualize it fully.


This passage shows both how different time is on the island and how the boys adapt to these differences.


This passage symbolically represents the struggle of survival on the island by relating it to the struggle to avoid the midday sun.


This passage offers contrast to the description of night on the island in previous chapters.


This passage is a metaphor for the different stages of life, with childhood being the morning and many of the boys escaping from the sun of adolescence.

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