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"[Ralph] staggered to his feet, tensed for more terrors, and looked up at a huge peaked cap. It was a white-topped cap, and above the green shade of the peak was a crown, an anchor, gold foliage. He saw white drill, epaulettes, a revolver, a row of gilt buttons down the front of a uniform."

Which of the following is the best explanation of the excerpt above, in terms of the Christian allegory in Lord of the Flies?


It represents entering heaven, as Ralph is on the edge of death and then encounters the naval officer, who is dressed in white.


It symbolizes the Second Coming of Christ as the island is being destroyed, and salvation appears in the form of a powerful figure dressed in white.


It can best be said to be an allegory of final judgement, as the officer shows up in full uniform - and armed.


It represents the need for organized religion and authority derived from a divine source, as the officer and his ship have authority from the Queen.


All of the above

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