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"'I'm going to him with this conch in my hands. I'm going to hold it out. Look, I'm goin' to say, you're stronger than I am and you haven't got asthma. You can see, I'm goin' to say, and with both eyes. But I don't ask for my glasses back, not as a favor. I don`t ask you to be a sport, I'll say,not because you're strong, but because what's right's right. Give me my glasses, I'm going to say - you got to!'

Piggy ended, flushed and trembling. He pushed the conch quickly into Ralph's hands as though in a hurry to be rid of it and wiped the tears from his eyes."

Which of the following best describes the mood of the passage above?


Confident, but sorrowful


Scared and depressed


Sad, but determined and hopeful


Angry and determined


Depressed and angry

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