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"'You pinched Piggy's specs,' said Ralph, breathlessly. 'You've got to give them back.'
'Got to? Who says?'
Ralph's temper blazed out.
'I say! You voted for me for chief. Didn't you hear the conch? You played a dirty trick - we'd have given you fire if you'd asked for it-'"

Which of the following offers the best analysis of the quotation below in terms of a Freudian reading of Lord of the Flies?


This passage shows Jack taking on the role of Id as he remains in stalwart opposition to Ralph's logical pleas.


This passage shows Ralph representing the Ego as he is trying to mediate between Jack, the Id, and Piggy, the Superego.


This passage shows Ralph assuming the role of Supergo as he is calling on Jack to do the moral thing and return Piggy's glasses.


This passage shows Ralph giving in to his own Id by losing his temper and lashing out at Jack.


This passage shows that Ralph has just as much Id as Jack, suggesting that the Ego must reside within some other character.

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