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Which of the following passages best shows how respected the conch is at the beginning of the novel?


"Piggy put on his glasses.
'Nobody knows where we are,' said Piggy. He was paler than before and breathless. 'Perhaps they knew where we was going to; and perhaps not. But they don't know where we are 'cos we never got there.' He gaped at them for a moment, then swayed and sat down. Ralph took the conch from his hands."


"The other little boys, whispering but serious, pushed him toward Ralph.
'All right,' said Ralph, 'come on then.'
The small boy looked round in panic.
'Speak up!'
The small boy held out his hands for the conch and the assembly shouted with laughter; at once he snatched back his hands and started to cry.
'Let him have the conch!' shouted Piggy. 'Let him have it!'"


"'But this is a good island. We - Jack, Simon and me - we climbed the mountain. It's wizard. There's food and drink, and - '
'Blue flowers-'
Piggy, partly recovered, pointed to the conch in Ralph's hands, and Jack and Simon fell silent. Ralph went on."


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