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Which of the following quotations most clearly shows how Jack manipulates the boys' fear of the beast in order to maintain his control over the group?


"Some of you will stay here to improve the cave and defend the gate. I shall take a few hunters with me and bring back meat. The defenders of the gate will see that the others don't sneak in."


"The chief paused. They saw a triangle of startling pink dart out, pass along his lips and vanish again.
'-and then, the beast might try to come in. You remember how he crawled-'"


"'But didn't we, didn't we-?'
'No! How could we - kill - it?'
Half-relieved, half-daunted by the implication of further terrors, the savages murmured again."


"The tribe considered this; and then were shaken, as if by a flow of wind. The chief saw the effect of his words and stood abruptly.
'But tomorrow we'll hunt and when we've got meat we'll have a feast-'"


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