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What is the effect of the word "squirrel" in the passage below?

Small flames stirred at the trunk of a tree and crawled away through leaves and brushwood, dividing and increasing. One patch touched a tree trunk and scrambled up like a bright squirrel. The smoke increased, sifted, rolled outwards. The squirrel leapt on the wings of the wind and clung to another standing tree, eating downward. Beneath the dark canopy of leaves and smoke the fire laid hold of the forest and began to gnaw.


It gives the fire life and thought by personifying it.


It shows that the fire is a wild, living thing that cannot be controlled.


It highlights the power of the fire to destroy living things - even innocent ones.


It reveals the hidden savage nature of the boys who kill this defenseless creature.


It suggests that the boys may be destroying a source of acorns and thus depriving themselves of food.

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