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Which of the following BEST describes the effect of the witches' wording of Banquo's prophecy?

Lesser than Macbeth, and greater.
Not so happy, yet much happier.
Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none.
So all hail Macbeth and Banquo.
Banquo and Macbeth, all hail?


The parallel structure of comparisons emphasizes the competition that exists between Macbeth and Banquo and between good and evil.


The paradoxes demonstrate the longer term power Banquo would possess over Macbeth, as well as the unclear intentions of the witches.


The series of oxymorons creates a flippant tone, mirroring the same tone with which Banquo questioned the witches.


The paradoxes reinforce that this world is filled with ambiguity and that those who trust in appearances are often easily deceived.


The parallel structure emphasizes the empty nature of their prophecies by undermining each of their statements.

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