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Which of the following BEST describes Macbeth's thoughts at the end Act I, scene 3?


Macbeth is at a loss by the new honors and quickly changing circumstances, leaving him unable to make decisions and therefore vulnerable to outside influences.


Macbeth has already decided that he will need to murder the king, as he will never fulfill the prophecy and his own desires if he does not act.


Macbeth realizes that as much as he wants to be king, he should yield to solid counsel from Banquo, as he himself cannot decide on his course of action.


Macbeth clearly desires more power as the witches promised but is conflicted by his conscience. He comes to the conclusion that he will let fate run its course.


Macbeth is willing to risk everything to become king, even if it means enduring the roughest of times, as he realizes the ends will ultimately justify the means.

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