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Osco Company manufactures men’s shirts. The standard is to apply 8 buttons to each button down shirt and 2 yards of fabric to each shirt. Angela, the cutting- and assembly-tailor, used 1.85 yards of fabric to cut the fabric and sew each shirt.

After the shirts leave Angela’s department. they go to Jim’s department. Jim, the button-tailor that sews the buttons on the shirt, actually applied, on average,​ 9 buttons to each button down shirt.

Based on this information, should Osco Company fire Jim?


Yes, because Jim used more buttons per shirt, 9, than allowed 8.


No, the purchasing agent should be fired because he purchased substandard buttons that for 15% of the time could not withstand the pressure from the sewing machine foot.


No, because 15% of the shirts had to be scrapped because Angela oftentimes did not allow enough fabric for the shirts resulting in rework.


There is not enough information provided.

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