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Jumpin' Jackie Foods makes and sells handmade candies. The monthly fixed costs run about \$5,000, and Jumpin' Jackie can break its products into three major categories. Based on the following information, determine whether Jumpin' Jackie has broken even, if she is operating at a loss or profit, and by how much.

Monthly fixed costs: \$5,000
Products: 3 categories

Ganache-filled treats: Sales Price: \$2.00, Variable Costs: \$1.75
Chocolate-covered marshmallows: Sales Price: \$0.50, Variable Costs: \$0.15
Marzipan flowers: Sales Price: \$4.00, Variable Costs: \$3.00

In the current month, there were 3500 Ganache treats, 4000 marshmallows, and 730 marzipan flowers sold.

In the current month, Jumpin' Jackie
Select Option diddid not
at least break even. Jumpin' Jackie had a
Select Option profitloss
Select Option \$1995\$-1995\$3005\$-3005
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