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Yadria's curing department uses weighted-average process-costing to assign costs to their units. The direct materials are added at the start of the process and the conversion costs are added uniformly during the production process. The units and costs incurred for the most recent period are shown below:

$\text{Beginning inventory: 80,000 units (70% complete)}$
$\text{Started during period: 800,000 units}$
$\text{Completed units: 790,000}$
$\text{Ending units are 50% complete}$
$\text{Costs in beginning units \$72,000 for materials; \$68,000 for conversion costs}$
$\text{Costs for the period: \$720,000 for materials; \$934,000 for conversion costs}$

If they use weighted average method, what is the cost of ending inventory?

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