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Consider the following strange kind of game. Two identical players are eggs that will choose to be born as a Hawk or as a Dove.

If both become doves, they will equally share the available food that yields a total utility of $2$. If both become hawks, they will end up fighting and each will get a utility of $-1$. If one becomes a dove and the other becomes a hawk, the hawk will get all the food and the dove will get zero utility.

How can we represent this game in a table?

Food Fight
Food 1,1 0,2
Fight 2,0 1,1
Food Fight
Food 1,1 2,0
Fight 0,2 -1,-1
Hawk Dove
Hawk -1,-1 2,0
Dove 0,2 1,1
Hawk Dove
Hawk -1,-1 0,2
Dove 2,0 1,1
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