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The equilibrium price of toasters has recently gone up in Provincetown. Select ALL of the causes that could have potentially led to this price increase. Consider each cause separately.


The price of bread, a complement of toasters, has recently gone up.


Thanks to a boom year at a local factory, wages have gone up for most of the people in Provincetown.


Since the local factory shut down, a lot of people moved away from the town.


A very popular magazine article was just published about a new study that showed that toasting bread massively reduces its nutritional value.


Thanks to an improvement in manufacturing technology, the price of assembling a toaster has fallen.


Most toasters are made with a heating element made from nickel. Due to declining trade relations with a country with lots of nickel mines, the price of nickel has increased.


Provincetown shops The Toaster Store, Toasters R Us, and Toasterama have closed, leaving Toaster Chic as the only place in town to buy toasters.

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