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Imagine you have built an artificial membrane of​ which there are only sodium channels, then you place the membrane between two chambers containing water. In the OUT chamber, you put 50 mM $NaCl$ in the water; in the IN chamber, you put 5 mM $NaCl$. Then, you let the ions move freely across the artificial membrane until the equilibrium is reached.

Use the approximated Nernst equation: $ 62\times \log { \cfrac { { \left[ ion \right] }_{ out } }{ { \left[ ion \right] }_{ in } } } $. The membrane potential (mV) at 37$^oC$ is
Select Option 62-62620
. Adding which type of ion channels to the membrane would change the membrane potential?
Select Option sodium channelschloride channelspotassium channels
. Would the membrane potential increase or decrease after adding these channels?
Select Option increasedecrease
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