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Differentiation is a process of progressive restriction in the fates available to a cell from early to late stages of development. Neural tissue is first induced as a layer of neuroepithelium that later folds to form neural tube.

Which statement best describes the process of differentiation in the neural tube?


Every cell in the neuroepithelium follows an intrinsic program of differentiation specified at the time of neural tissue induction.


Cell fate specification in neuroepithelium along dosral-ventral and anterior-posterior axes is controlled by signaling centers found within and outside the developing neural tube.


Neuroepithelium cells themselves sort out neural tube regionalization and cell fate specification by exerting influence on their neighbors via direct cell-cell interactions.


Neural tube differentiation is initially a stochastic process that creates a rough map of future regions in the developing neural tube. Later in development rough patterning is refined via establishment of boundaries and cell migrations.

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