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Which of the following BEST exemplifies divergence in a neurotransmitter system?


Expression of multiple genes that encode receptors for the same neurotransmitter in the same neuron: nicotinic ionotropic acetylcholine receptor and metabotropic Gi-coupled M2 muscarinic acetylcholne receptor.


Two fold response at the post-synaptic cell triggered by glutamate release: (1) Fast membrane depolarization mediated by ${Na}^{+}$ current via AMPA glutamate receptors followed by (2) rise in the intracellular ${Ca}^{2+}$ triggered by activation of Gq-coupled metabotropic glutamate receptors.


Presence of the following multiple types of a subunits for a GABAa receptor at a GABAergic synapse: $\alpha1, \beta2, \gamma2$.


Presence of dual component miniature inhibitory post-synpatic potentials (mIPSP) in the same superficial dorsal horn neuron, one reflecting slow decay time constant of a glycine receptor and the other fast decay time constant of a GABA receptor, when glycine and GABA are co-released.

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