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When it comes to the molecular mechanism of neurotransmitter release, scientists have come up with a model of vesicle fusion, starting with the step of vesicle docking.

Read the following descriptions about these steps, and select the CORRECT statement.


After the vesicle docks, SNARE proteins on the synaptic vesicle (synaptobrevin) and presynaptic membranes (syntaxin and SNAP-25) form a complex that pull the two membranes together.


Calcium ions enter through the adjacent calcium channels on the presynaptic membrane and bind to the synaptotagmin on the same membrane.


Calcium ions cause the synaptotagmin protein to insert into the synaptic vesicle membrane, binding to the SNARE complex and catalyzing membrane fusion.


Once the two membranes are fused together, neurotransmitters within the synaptic vesicle are released into the postsynaptic neuron.

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