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For a long time, scientists thought that neurogenesis in the mammalian brain (production of new neurons from mitotic divisions of neural progenitor cells) was restricted to the period of embryonic development. We now know that neurogenesis takes place in the adult mammalian brain as well.

Which features of adult neurogenesis made it so difficult to discover this for such a long time?

Select ALL that apply.


The length of the cell cycle in adult neurogenesis is much longer compared to embryonic neurogenesis.


Neural progenitor cells in the adult brain are very different from those in embryonic brain, e.g. there are no radial glia-like cells in the adult brain.


Neurogenesis is restricted to very few small niches in the adult brain, while it is widespread in the embryonic brain.


Neurogenesis in the adult brain is associated exclusively with injury (with its sole purpose to replace lost neurons). Therefore, neurogenesis was never found while studying the normal adult brain.

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