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Sleeping humans experience two different sleep cycles, non-REM and REM sleep. Although the majority of the time spent asleep will be in non-REM sleep, the amount of REM sleep is also important.

Individuals that are deprived of REM sleep experience a rebound effect during the next sleep cycle and have longer sessions of REM. This indicates that REM sleep is necessary. During bouts of REM sleep, the brain wave patterns recorded appear similar to brain wave patterns of an awake state. All neural centers, however, are not at an awake state activity level.

Knowing that REM sleep is the cycle when dreaming occurs, read the following passage and fill in the correct responses.

During REM sleep, neurons of the
Select Option motor cortexvisual cortexprefrontal cortex
fire rapidly and generate organized motor patterns in an attempt to command the entire body. However, this neuronal activity only succeeds with activating a few muscles of the eye, the inner ear, and those essential for
Select Option digestionrespirationsensory systems
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