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In the two passages below, Elie receives advice at the first camp and the last. Considering the whole novel, which of the following best characterizes his actions?

the young Pole's advice at Birkenau: "let there be camaraderie among you. . . . Help each other. That is the only way to survive." (41)

the Blockalteste's advice at Buchenwald: "In this place, it is every man for himself, and you cannot think of others. Not even your father. . . . Each of us lives and dies alone."


Elie maintains a self-focus throughout the entire novel.


Elie maintains a communal focus throughout the entire novel.


Elie attempts to be loyal to relationships but ends up focusing on himself.


Depending on the situation and what he would gain, Elie chooses self-focus or relationships.


Elie's focus on relationships is limited only to his father.

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