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What is the most prominent literary device that best establishes the key idea of the following passage?

Chilled to the bone, our throats parched, famished, out of breath, we pressed on. We were the masters of nature, the masters of the world. We transcended everything -- death, fatigue, our natural needs. We were stronger than cold and hunger, stronger than the guns, and the desire to die, doomed and rootless, nothing but numbers, we were the only men on earth. At last, the morning star appeared in the gray sky. A hesitant light began to hover on the horizon. We were exhausted, we had lost all strength, all illusion.


A paradox of strength with both the superhuman transcendence at night and the sheer exhaustion at dawn


Descriptive imagery that captures the weakened state of the Jews


Hyperbole that emphasizes the Jew's will to survive horrific conditions


Fragments that establish the temporary victory of will over reality


Comparisons that reinforce the humanity of the Jews despite the dehumanizing march

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