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Curley's wife came around the end of the last stall. She came very quietly, so that Lennie didn't see her. She wore her bright cotton dress and the mules with the red ostrich feathers. Her face was made up and the little sausage curls were all in place. She was quite near to him before Lennie looked up and saw her.

Choose the BEST analysis of Steinbeck's description of Curley's wife in the above excerpt.


Steinbeck portrays Curley's wife slow movements to suggest that she was sneaking up on Lennie, much as a predator might approach its prey.


The purpose of noting that Lennie didn't see Curley's wife is to show how slow-witted he is.


The description of Curley's wife isn't particularly purposeful other than to simply bring place her in the barn with Lennie.


The purpose of focusing on Curley's wife's appearance is so the audience will see her as provocative.


Answers A and D are both accurate analyses.

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