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...when [George] stood up, slowly and stiffly, his face was as hard and tight as wood, and his eyes were hard. Candy said, "What done it?"

George looked coldly at him. "Ain't you got any idear?" he asked. And Candy was silent. "I should of knew," George said hopelessly. "I guess maybe way back in my head I did."

What is the BEST analysis of the above excerpt?

Select ALL that apply.


George is forlorn because, deep down, he knows he is going to lose Lennie over this.


George is livid that Lennie has ruined their chance to have a farm.


George just killed Curley's wife and is grief-stricken.


The initial description of George portrays him as more angry than sad, but he is ultimately mournful.


George is more afraid of getting accused of murder than anything else.

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