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What is the significance of George's reaction when Lennie speaks up during their first conversation with the boss?

"So you wasn't gonna say a word. You was gonna leave your big flapper shut and leave me do the talkin'. Damn near lost us the job."

Select ALL that apply.


Lennie is dishonest and George wanted him to stay quiet so he wasn't tempted to craft a lie. This further highlights Lennie's deception of others.


This is another comment about how society views the intellectually disabled. George knows that, if the boss found out about Lennie's disability, he'd deem him "crazy" and he won't want him as an employee.


Steinbeck is once again comparing Lennie to an animal with the use of "flapper."


This foreshadows that Lennie will do something, something George has warned him not to do, that could cause them to be fired.


This is further development of George's character as a somewhat anxious man who has little patience for Lennie's inability to fully understand everything going on.

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