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...the sun threw a bright dust-laden bar through one of the side windows, and in and out of the beam flies shot like rushing stars.

The sun square was on the floor now, and the flies whipped through it like sparks.

Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. A girl was standing there looking in.

Of the following choices, what is the MOST significant effect of Steinbeck's references to light and dark in the excerpts above?


The references to light and dark serve to develop one of the major themes in the story: Good vs. Evil.


The images serve as a "stage direction" in a sense, contributing to the "play-novelette" style of the piece.


The light and dark images serve to develop the setting so the audience can visualize the scene.


The images represent George and Lennie.


The light and dark images in the passage - the sunlight speckled with dust or interrupted by flies or Curley's wife - represent the contrast between hope and misery in the story, as well as in real life during the Great Depression.

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