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While Lennie and Crooks are talking in Crooks' bunk, Crooks begins to tease Lennie about the possibility of something bad happening to George.

"Well, s'pose, jus' s'pose he don't come back. What'll you do then?"

Lennie's face wrinkled with apprehension. "I don' know. Say, what you doin' anyways?" he cried. "This ain't true. George ain't got hurt."

Crooks bored in on him. "Want me ta tell ya what'll happen? They'll take ya to the booby hatch. They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog."

In the excerpt above, what is the effect of the word bored?


The word bore means to drill or push into. Used here, it indicates Crooks is really pushing "into" Lennie, in hopes of making him even more upset than he already is.


The word bored indicates Crooks is trying to make Lennie weary so he'll become disinterested and leave Crooks alone.


This is a play on words which ties in to the image of Lennie being tied to a board, like a dog.


The word bore means to drill or push into, which indicates Crooks has moved beyond simply talking to Lennie and he is now physically poking him or pushing him.


A bore is the hollow part of a gun barrel. So the use of the word here implies that Lennie is "under the gun."

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