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"You seen a girl around here?" he demanded angrily.

George said coldly. "'Bout half an hour ago maybe."

"Well what the hell was she doin'?"

George stood still, watching the angry little man. He said insultingly, "She said- she was lookin' for you."

Curley seemed really to see George for the first time. His eyes flashed over George, took in his height, measured his reach, looked at his trim middle. "Well, which way'd she go?" he demanded at last.

When Curley is looking for his wife, he has a brief conversation with George about where she went. Something else happens during this moment. What explains Curley's reaction to George in the above excerpt?


Curley thinks his wife was unfaithful with George, but he realizes George could probably beat him in a fight and decides to let it go.


Curley thinks George is hiding his wife, but he immediately becomes aware that George can likely hold his own in a fight and decides to leave and wait for his wife to come home on her own.


Curley considers challenging George about his disrespectful tone but, upon getting a good look at George and getting a sense of how well he might do in a fight with him, Curley decides not to push him.


Curley hasn't met George yet so he takes a minute to look him over and get to know him a bit before leaving to continue the search for his wife.


Choices C and D are correct.

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