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A student carried out the reduction of 4-tert-butylcyclohexanone using sodium borohydride.​ She isolated the reaction product and took its infrared (IR) spectrum to determine if she had made the desired compound.

What characteristics in the IR spectrum would indicate the reaction had occurred? Select ALL that apply.

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Absence of a strong absorption band at 1717 ${ cm }^{ -1 }$.


Presence of a medium absorption band at 2100 ${ cm }^{ -1 }$.


Presence of a serval strong absorption bands between 2850-3000 ${ cm }^{ -1 }$.


Absence of a weak to moderate absorption band at 2720 ${ cm }^{ -1 }$.


Presence of a strong, broad absorption band at 3250 ${ cm }^{ -1 }$.

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