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Which one of the following statements BEST describes the action of AZT (azidothymine) on delaying the onset of symptoms and prolonging the lives of those infected with HIV?

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AZT has a 5' $-OH$ group, so it can be incorporated into a growing polynucleotide chain. However, because it lacks a 3' $-OH$ group, the chain cannot be extended beyond it, and synthesis of the viral DNA stops before the chain is complete.​


AZT is similar to thymine, which makes it easier to incorporate into the virus DNA.


AZT kills the virus by stopping the growth of the cell wall of the virus​.


AZT is not very efficient for the treatment of the HIV​.


AZT inhibits the reverse transcriptase enzyme, which makes the synthesis of viral DNA difficult. Once the virus DNA synthesis is inhibited,​ it cannot attack the immune system of the host further.

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