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This question refers to the reaction depicted below, where the indicated optically active ketone undergoes base-mediated monoalkylation. Four hypothetical products have been listed, accompanied the $^1H$ $NMR$ spectrum for the major isomer.

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Which compound could NOT be obtained to any extent from this reaction?
Select Option Compound 'A'Compound 'B'Compound 'C'Compound 'D'
. Which compound is the major product of this reaction based on the $^1H$ $NMR$ spectrum? HINT: Concentrate on the anticipated pattern for the methyl group (singlet, doublet, triplet, etc.) in the different choices.
Select Option Compound 'A'Compound 'B'Compound 'C'Compound 'D'
. Will the major isomer be optically active?
Select Option Yes, the major product is optically active.No, the major product is not optically active.
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