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Let him do his spite:
My services which I have done the signiory
Shall out-tongue his complaints. 'Tis yet to know,--
Which, when I know that boasting is an honour,
I shall promulgate--I fetch my life and being
From men of royal siege, and my demerits
May speak unbonneted to as proud a fortune
As this that I have reach'd: for know, Iago,
But that I love the gentle Desdemona,
I would not my unhoused free condition
Put into circumscription and confine
For the sea's worth. But, look! what lights come yond?

Based on his speech, we know that Othello is all of the following EXCEPT


related to royalty.


attached to the freedom of being a bachelor.


bold and self-assured.


proud of his accomplishments as a general.


honest and trustworthy.

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