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Well, sir, she says youll be glad to see her when you know what shes come about. Shes quite a common girl, sir. Very common indeed. I should have sent her away, only I thought perhaps you wanted her to talk into your machines. I hope Ive not done wrong; but really you see such queer people sometimes--youll excuse me, I'm sure, sir-- (Pygmalion, Act II)

Mrs. Pearce's comments suggest which of the following about her character?


Mrs. Pearce is from the lower class.


Mrs. Pearce is hesitant to offend Mr. Higgins.


Mrs. Pearce sincerely wishes to please Mr. Higgins.


Mrs. Pearce resents Mr. Higgins's brusque nature.


Mrs. Pearce is afraid of interrupting Pickering and Higgins' business.

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