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Which one of the following comments made by Eliza reflects a shift in gender roles?


"A lady friend of mine gets French lessons for eighteen pence an hour from a real French gentleman. Well, you wouldn't have the face to ask me the same for teaching me my own language as you would for French; so I won't give more than a shilling. Take it or leave it." (Act II)


"I'm a good girl, I am; and I won't pick up no free and easy ways." (Act II)


"You know I can't go back to the gutter, as you call it, and that I have no real friends in the world but you and the Colonel. " (Act V)


"If you can preach, I can teach. I'll go and be a teacher." (Act V)


"What do I care? I knew you'd strike me some day." (Act V)

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