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Which quote contributes to the idea that social problems could be cured by the same principles used in science?


HENRY: It's the most absorbing experiment I ever tackled. (Pygmalion, Act III)


LIZA: He might want them for the next girl you pick up to experiment on. (Pygmalion, Act IV)


PICKERING: Oh don't. You mustn't think of it as an experiment. It shocks me, somehow. (Pygmalion, Act V)


LIZA: They all thought she was dead; but my father he kept ladling gin down her throat til she came to so sudden that she bit the bowl off the spoon! (Pygmalion, Act III)


MRS PEARSE: But whats to become of her? Is she to be paid anything? Do be sensible, sir. (Pygmalion, Act II)

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