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Follow the link to read from the story “A&P.” Read the fourteenth paragraph; find it (CTRL + F) searching for the term: “slid”.

Only at one point in the story does the narrator’s description turn away from what’s happening at the moment in the A&P and turn toward his imagination when he states,

All of a sudden I slid right down her voice into her living room.

What does the narrator imagine the relationship is between “Queenie’s living room” and his own?


Hers represents the best of what he believes a small town has to offer; his represents the worst.


Hers represents luxury and privilege; his represents style and personality.


Hers represents what is ostentatious; his represents what is garish.


Hers represents optimism; his represents pessimism.


Hers represents what to him seems extraordinary; his represents what to him seems ordinary.

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