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Follow the link to read the last 500 words of the short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver. CTRL + F the following phrase “I put in windows”.

The narrator writes, “I PUT IN windows with arches. I DREW flying buttresses. I HUNG great doors.” How does the verb “hung” function differently than “I put in” and “I drew” to suggest something about the narrator?


‘Putting in’ and ‘drawing’ are activities the narrator would have done without the blind man’s presence, whereas ‘hung’ is more indicative of how unusual this moment is.


Hung most clearly suggests the narrator imagines he is really building the cathedral, significant because imagination is not the narrator’s strong suit.


Putting in the windows and drawing the buttresses are activities the blind man guides the narrator through more specifically, whereas hanging he doors is the narrator’s idea.


The windows and the buttresses were exemplified on the TV screen, whereas the great doors he made up on his own.


The narrator feels most proud of his level of imagination in drawings the doors.

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