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Follow the link to read the first chapter of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s work Half of a Yellow Sun made available on "The New York Times" website). Read the whole chapter, then answer the questions. Excerpts specific to each question are included in the question.

Even after only reading the first chapter of this novel, which of the following theme statements can the reader infer is most likely to be a theme supported by the novel?


The wealth inequality of social hierarchies can be reversed through hard work.


Bilinguality is not possible for one who has not been exposed to another language by his or her birth parents.


Reading is the leisure and the luxury of an upper class who have never known what it means to truly work.


The resources available to those who have more money foster senses of happiness and self dignity that cannot be achieved by those who have less.


Individual and cultural exposures to new ideas can bring about dramatic individual and social change.

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