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On the Question of Race - Quique Avilés

In lines 30 and 31 “latinhood” and “Hispaniard” are not technically words. They are derivatives and compilations of other words such as brotherhood, manhood, neighborhood and Latino, and Hispanic and Spaniard.

What is the best inference for why the author chose to use these words that will not be found in a dictionary?


These words suggest that they, like people, don’t come in prescribed, recognizable forms and they, like the speaker, are hybrids of their diverse sources.


The author creates these words because he is a poet and is creatively using words to suggest the creativity of his theme.


These warped words suggest how the Spanish warped ‘Latin’ America through colonization and forced the dramatic change of many nations.


These words have evolved as symbols of how the world has evolved.


These words suggest that no one is really constrained by technicalities.

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